Green County Schools Directory

Picture Last Name First Name Title Location Ext Email
Acree Les BUS 98 Transportation/Maintenance
Acree Tina Cafeteria - Manager IS 2116
Adkins Carolyn Cafeteria IS
Adkins Ricky Maintenance ATC 2801
Allen Kim Teacher IS 2204
Altman JeNie Teacher - English HS 2737
Anderson Alan Sub Bus Transportation/Maintenance
Anderson Rebecca Custodian PS
Bailey Tommy BUS 2103 Transportation/Maintenance
Bale Kayla Teacher PS 2344
Bale Shirley Instructional Assistant IS
Barber Jamie Teacher IS 2130
Beard Jessica Instructional Assistant IS
Bennett Brandon Teacher - Biology/Chemistry HS 2725
Bennett Josh Director of Special Education Central Office 2017
Biggs Donna BUS 115 Transportation/Maintenance
Bishop Darlene Custodian IS
Bishop Shelley Teacher - Math HS 2724
Blakeman Sammy MS
Blaydes Chris Teacher - Social Studies HS 2729
Bonta Christy Cafeteria PS
Bonta Erin Teacher - English HS 2742
Bonta James Teacher - Agriculture HS 2730
Braden Paula Secretary/Bookkeeper HS 2746
Bradshaw Amanda Cafeteria - Manager MS 2507
Bradshaw Jessica Teacher - Science MS 2609
Bradshaw Kim Cafeteria PS
Bright Melissa Teacher - Chemistry HS 2722
Brown Kathryn English Teacher HS
Buchanan Samantha Teacher IS 2205
Buckles Shannon Cafeteria MS
Buis Stephanie Teacher - Exceptional Education HS 2715
Burress Janie Kentucky College Coach ATC 2810
Burress Sondra Teacher - Exceptional Education HS 2723
Burriss Christy Nurse IS 2108
Bush Becca Teacher - Exceptional Education IS
Casey Jeff BUS 27 Transportation/Maintenance
Cash Laura Teacher - Integrated Science HS 2733
Cassell Rebecca Teacher - Reading MS 2620
Chapman Amy Custodian HS
Clark Wes Teacher - Wood Manufacturing ATC 2806
Coffey Greg Custodian MS
Coffey Joy College and Career Counselor/Exceptional Education HS 2727
Coffey Shirley Secretary HS 2701
Colvin Dottie Instructional Assistant - Media Center MS
Compton Karen Teacher - Health Science ATC 2805
Cook Shannon Custodian MS
Corbin Michelle Teacher PS 2331
Creason Karen Secretary/Bookkeeper IS 2101
Cross Audrey Teacher - Music PS 2315
Curry Deloris Teacher IS 2218
Curry Lisa Teacher - Art IS 2222
Curry Rebecca Cafeteria IS
Daniels Kayla Assistant Principal MS 2505
Daniels Mike Teacher - Social Studies HS 2720
Davenport Ben Principal HS 2703
Davis Becky Cafeteria - Manager PS 2309
Davis Chad District Technology Coordinator Technology 2903
Davis Garnett BUS 82 Transportation/Maintenance
Davis Jeff Maintenance MS 2521
Davis Myra Cafeteria HS
Davis Ricky Teacher - PE/Health HS 2760
Davis Tommy Maintenance IS 2154
Deaton Karla Teacher - Exceptional Education PS 2350
Deaton Tim Athletic Director / Cross Country Coach HS 2710
Decker Dale Teacher - Physical Education IS 2153
Dennis Tammy Teacher PS 2334
Despain Donna Cafeteria - Manager HS
DeSpain Mary Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education MS 2626
Dicken Brandon BUS 2101 Transportation/Maintenance
Dicken Vanessa Teacher PS 2352
Dillon Jessica Teacher PS 2351
Distefano Camille Principal IS 2102
Distefano Peter Boys Basketball Coach HS
Dixon Rebecca Instructional Assistant PS
Dobson Randal BUS 72 Transportation/Maintenance
Durham Amy Teacher - Music MS 2639
Durham Ashleigh Speech-Language Pathologist District 2349
Durrett Angie Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education IS
Durrett Lauren Sub HS
Edwards Jana Softball Coach HS
Elkins Marilyn Instructional Assistant - 2nd Grade PS
Ervin Nellie Cafeteria MS
Estes Delilah Cafeteria HS
Farmer Samantha Teacher - Health Science ATC 2811
Fedor Jonathan Teacher - Automotive ATC 2809
Ferguson Brenda Bus Monitor Transportation/Maintenance
Ferguson Chris Teacher - Social Studies MS 2629
Fields Lindsey Preschool Teacher Preschool 2408
Gaddie Samantha Teacher - Agriculture/Biology HS 2726
Gaddie Tyler Mechanic Transportation/Maintenance 2020
Givens Anna Director of Food Service Central Office 2008
Glasscoe Taylor Migrant Education Migrant Education
Graham Mark Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education PS
Griffiths Abbey Teacher IS 2221
Griffiths Allison School Secretary IS 2100
Griffiths Mike Principal Success Academy 2900
Gupton Josh Director of Student Support Services IS 2103
Hadley Rodney Custodian HS
Hagan Kimberly Custodian HS
Hall Brenda Media Specialist MS
Hall Sue Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education IS
Hall Trisha Teacher - Art PS 2328
Hancock Brenda Cafeteria PS
Hancock Sarah Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten PS
Harmon Ann Custodian IS
Harmon Carol Teacher - Math MS 2634
Harmon Charlotte Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education MS 2630
Harris Lacy District - Speech District 2111
Hayes Leah Teacher - Family & Consumer Science HS 2711
Hays Erika Teacher PS 2406
Hedgespeth Crystal Director of Pupil Personnel Central Office 2005
Hedgespeth Rebecca Teacher - Math MS 2613
Henderson Billy District Maintenance Transportation/Maintenance
Henderson Carol Secretary MS 2501
Henderson Darlene Teacher PS 2330
Henderson JT BUS 2104 Transportation/Maintenance
Henderson Katie Teacher PS 2356
Henderson Kelli Youth Services Center - Coordinator YSC 2641
Hodges Will Superintendent Central Office 2003
Hoosier Carla Literacy Specialist HS 2743
Houk Wanda Custodian PS
Jackson Hunter Assistant Principal HS 2778
Jackson Kelly Teacher IS 2131
Jeffries Kevin Computer Maintenance Tech Technology 2905
Jeffries Nicole Teacher IS 2220
Jett Robyn BUS Monitor Transportation/Maintenance
Jewell Leslie BUS 170 Transportation/Maintenance
Jewell Vicky Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten PS
Johnson Amanda Teacher - Exceptional Education PS 2336
Jones Deanna District - Behavior Therapist MS 2647
Jones Rita Custodian MS
Jones Seth Teacher - Exceptional Education - FMD IS 2235
Jones Tracy Teacher - Health Science Transportation/Maintenance
Jones Vickie BUS 96 Transportation/Maintenance
Judd Ashley Teacher IS 2134
Judd Freda Cafeteria HS
Judd Larry Cafeteria PS
Judd Whitney Teacher - Microsoft Academy HS 2717
Karnes Melissa Teacher IS 2133
Keltner Brian BUS 141 Transportation/Maintenance 2021
Keltner Michelle Teacher PS 2358
Keltner Ruthie Cafeteria PS
Keown Kim Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten PS
Kessler Arlinda Teacher - Exceptional Education IS 2215
Kessler Natashia Instructional Assistant PS
Kessler Renee District Testing Coordinator/School Psychometrist District 2305
Kimbler Trecinda Teacher - Arts & Humanities HS 2734
King Dana Teacher - Exceptional Education PS 2341
Knifley Cara Teacher PS 2335
Lay Casey Teacher - Social Studies HS 2714
Leftwich Zachary Finance Director Central Office 2001
Lindsey Leslie Cafeteria MS
Long Chris Teacher - Art MS 2637
Loy Megan Nurse PS 2304
Loyall Alma Cafeteria PS
Marcum Karen Instructional Coach Central Office 2790
Martin Tamara Special Education - Testing District
Matney Kim Secretary/Bookkeeper MS 2500
Matney Rita Cafeteria MS
McCubbins Diana Cafeteria IS
Mcintosh Jeff Transportation/Maintenance
Merideth Rachel Teacher PS 2343
Milby Dianna BUS 179 - Special Needs Transportation/Maintenance
Milby Eddie Maintenance PS
Milby Ernestine Cafeteria IS
Milby Linda Transportation/Maintenance Secretary Transportation/Maintenance 2018
Milby Todd BUS Transportation/Maintenance
Millholland Melissa Teacher IS 2202
Mills Amanda Teacher - Exceptional Education HS 2718
Mills Debbie Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education MS
Mitchell Jessica Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education HS 2751
Moon Mike Maintenance HS
Mooney Cortney Teacher - English HS 2721
Moore Korianne Teacher - Math HS 2741
Moran Autumn Teacher - Exceptional Education District 2305
Morgan Evelyn Teacher - Music IS 2226
Morgan Jamie Teacher PS 2345
Morgan Judy Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education HS
Moss Crystal Secretary - Attendance Clerk HS 2700
Moss Heather Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education HS 2750
Moss Pat Instructional Assistant - Office MS 2508
Noe Jacob Teacher - Science MS 2614
Noe Jacqueline Teacher - Reading MS 2631
Noe Sharon Instructional Assistant - Libaray PS 2337
Nunn Vicki Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten PS
Olson Amanda Teacher - Math HS 2740
Osborne Hayli Teacher PS 2347
Parrish Josh Teacher - Industrial Maintenance ATC 2807
Parson Elizabeth Instructional Assistant - 3rd Grade IS
Patterson Angie Secretary Central Office 2007
Patterson Donna Supervisor of Instruction Central Office 2014
Patterson Kim Custodian MS
Paxton Eddie BUS 2102 Transportation/Maintenance
Penick Chris Teacher - Social Studies HS 2738
Pennington Mandy Teacher IS 2219
Perkins Kathy Secretary PS 2300
Perry Tina Teacher - Language Arts MS 2611
Philpott Sandra Custodian HS
Pickett Sherry Instructional Assistant - Preschool PS
Pierce Janie Cafeteria HS
Pierce Pam Custodian HS
Pippen Liana Health & PE Teacher MS 2546
Porter Barry Teacher - Computerized Manufacturing & Machining ATC 2814
Porter Michelle Teacher - Exceptional Education PS 2339
Posey Chrissie Teacher - Exceptional Education- 3rd Grade IS 2135
Price Angie Instructional Assistant PS
Price Chasity Teacher - Writing MS 2619
Price Robin Secretary/Bookkeeper PS 2301
Pruitt Amber Cafeteria HS
Pruitt Patsy Guidance Secretary HS 2704
Pyles Trent Assistant Principal PS 2303
Quinn Dylan Teacher IS 2201
Quinn Kristin Teacher - Math MS 2612
Rapier Cameron Custodian HS
Rapier Ginger Cafeteria IS
Rattliff Tana Teacher - Exceptional Education HS 2749
Robertson Maureen Nurse MS 2503
Rogers Haley Instructional Assistant PS
Rogers Todd School Resource Officer District
Russell Ben BUS 140 Transportation/Maintenance
Scantland Annissa Teacher PS 2329
Scott Angie Family Resource Center - Coordinator FRC 2311
Scott Brianna Teacher - Math HS 2739
Scott Ginny Teacher PS 2346
Scott Nina Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten PS
Sebastian Summer Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education PS
Shively Troy Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education HS 2776
Shofner Amy Teacher PS 2348
Shuffett Debbie Administrative Secretary ATC 2800
Sidebottom Lora Teacher - Science MS 2635
Skaggs Eva Instructional Assistant - 2nd Grade PS
Skaggs Stacy Guidance Counselor HS 2705
Slinker Natalie Instructional Assistant HS 2728
Smith Andrea OCC. Therapist District 2340
Smith Gary BUS 19 Transportation/Maintenance
Smith Phyllis Custodian PS
Smith Robin Teacher IS 2203
Smith Renny Nurse HS 2748
Smith Sandy Teacher - Marketing ATC 2808
Snyder Amanda Teacher - Exceptional Education MS 2632
Southern Mark Custodian PS
Sprowles Erika Teacher PS 2404
Stearman Janet Custodian PS
Stearman Steve Custodian PS
Stilts Jennifer Instructional Assistant IS
Sullivan Cliffton BUS 92 Transportation/Maintenance
Sullivan Kristy Teacher IS 2132
Suratt Hilary Instructional Assistant PS
Suratt Missi Teacher PS 2333
Taylor Alex Teacher - Social Studies MS 2610
Taylor Kaitlyn Teacher PS 2357
Thomas Steven Teacher - Welding ATC 2815
Thompson Charles Custodian MS
Thompson Ryan Custodian MS
Thompson Debbie Teacher - Language Arts MS
Thompson Tammy Guidance Counselor MS 2504
Thompson Wanda Custodian MS
Tucker Amy BUS 160 - Special Needs Transportation/Maintenance
Tucker Meme Teacher - Gifted & Talented District 2644
Tucker Margaret Teacher PS 2360
Tungate Rocky Cafeteria HS
Turner Jordan Teacher - Physical Education PS 2327
Vanmeter Cody Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education HS 2716
VanMeter James Teacher - Social Studies MS 2618
VanMeter Landon Instructional Assistant - Exceptional Education MS 2615
VanMeter Stephanie Teacher IS 2217
Vaughn Jamie Teacher - Exceptional Education MS 2636
Vaughn Shayla Teacher - Exceptional Education- 5th Grade IS 2224
Walker Jeff Teacher - Exceptional Education MS 2616
Walker Raylen Long Term Sub Preschool Teacher PS 2402
Walker W.L. Custodian HS
Wall LeeAnn Principal ATC 2803
Warf Ivy Media Specialist IS 2158
Weddle Lisa Teacher - Foreign Language HS 2712
West Philip Principal MS 2502
White Veron BUS 94 Transportation/Maintenance
Whitlock Adam Transportation/Maintenance Director Transportation/Maintenance 2019
Whitlock Dennis Custodian IS
Whitlock Stella Custodian IS
Whitlow Jonathan Teacher - Detention-Exceptional Education HS 2713
Whitlow Jeremy Director of Alternative Center Alternative Center 2920
Williamson Shelia Instructional Assistant - 4th Grade IS
Willoughby Nathan Teacher - Arts & Humanities/Band HS 2734
Wilson Jennifer BUS 62 Transportation/Maintenance
Wise Ashley Teacher - Math MS 2617
Wright Betsy Cafeteria PS
Wright Christine Custodian PS
Wright Eugene BUS 201 Transportation/Maintenance
Wright Jeff Mechanic Transportation/Maintenance 2020
York Kristen Principal PS 2302
Young Karen Finance Clerk & Health Insurance Coordinator Central Office 2002